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Your Colour Consultation​

‘Women are beautiful. You have got everything to make you beautiful.  It’s a question of highlighting it and making it obvious’ …a male friend of mine.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the so many styles, trends and clothing choices?  Do you have difficulty with putting an outfit together for that special occasion or a meeting with friends? Do you struggle with creating a look that reflects who you are? Is your wardrobe full of items that neither match, fit or flatter your body shape? Do you long for outfits that are exciting to wear and that make you feel good about yourself?

During the consultation I will help you to

  • select the most flattering styles and fabrics for your body shape, proportions, budget and lifestyle
  • stay in fashion with current trends
  • express your personality through your clothes and accessories
  • achieve a perfect fit every time when shopping for clothes
  • develop a co-ordinated and varied wardrobe so you can maximise its usage
  • dress with confidence, whatever the occasion or just for a new look for you.
  • emphasize what you like best about your body and disguise what you don’t
  • learn how to accessorise
  • discover how to identify your priority purchases
  • avoid expensive shopping mistakes

I would ask you please, to bring 3 outfits with you so we can discuss their style and fit of items that you already have in your wardrobe. Bringing items from your wardrobe will help you see for yourself why some styles suit you, as well as why others do not. This is a fascinating experience and sometimes quite an eye opener.

I will also run through a current fashion update and magazines – so you know exactly what’s in the shops, the styles that will suit you and where to shop to suit your budget. Finally, you can choose from either of the ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ books: ‘Colour me Beautiful’, ‘Colour Me Younger’ or, for men, ‘Colour Matters for Men’, each containing masses of style and colour information – to help you remember all that you have learned.

Are you feeling bored with a wardrobe full of colours that you’ve worn for years? Do you often despair when look uninspiring or bland in colours that you thought suited you? Do you wonder which colours suit you best? Would you like to try new colours? Would you like to be more adventurous with your look? When you understand which colours complement your natural colouring you can look and feel fantastic. Then, allow me to help you.

Sometimes, despite all the effort we put into our appearance, we still look drained, tired or washed-out in colours that you thought suited you. This can be the result of wearing shades and tones that conflict with the colour of our eyes, hair and skin tone. During a Colour Analysis session, you’ll discover which shades bring your colouring to life, give your face an instant lift, and make you appear younger, healthier and more vibrant instantly.

I will show you all the colours that you can wear that will make you look fabulous.  You will see for yourself how these colours really work for you. You will go away feeling excited and confident about how to wear your new colours.

You need to allow at least 2 hours to experience a full colour analysis. Your session will begin with a quick chat about your reasons for seeking a consultation as this could be an important factor throughout the consultation. A short questionnaire will then reveal your style personality. You may be dramatic, romantic, natural, classic, or city chic. It’s exciting to discover where you fit. You will then be invited to just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience of being draped in different coloured swatches to discover your dominant colouring type.  This will be based on the colour of your hair, eyes and skin tone. This will then be even more finely tuned by finding your secondary and tertiary colours that will widen your new choice of colours even more. You will find that it is a very enjoyable and friendly experience as you travel through the process of discovering colours that complement and enhance your natural colouring.

By the end of your colour consultation you will understand:

  • which shades complement your natural colouring
  • how to wear the colours that suit you best
  • how to combine colours you already have in a fresh new way
  • advice and tips on make-up
  • which seasonal colour trends are best for you
  • how to wear different colour combinations
  • what accessories and jewellery would complement your colouring

You will take home a 42 colour swatch wallet that includes the colours especially chosen for you. This will very quickly become a useful and essential guide when you go shopping for your new colours. It will save you money and time on those wardrobe malfunctions. How exciting!

Why not have a combined colour and style consultation?

Find out about your best style of clothes to wear, depending on your body shape, proportions, height, scale and personality. Tips include what hair style, glasses and accessories suit you.

If you would like to book the combined colour and style consultation, you will receive a 10% discount.

You could even go for the full image makeover, make a day of it. This would include colour, style and a make-up lesson. It’s fun as well as enlightening!  

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