Reconnecting with the amazing you

Hello again. Welcome to my hypnotherapy page. This is the part where you can feel good from the inside! It may be that changing your colour or style is a bit of a bridge too far for you at the moment. Hypnotherapy could give you the confidence or self-esteem that you need before embarking on a colour or style consultation.

Do you struggle to achieve any of your goals, and constantly put yourself down? Do you think you’ll never be enough, thin enough, clever enough, attractive enough, popular enough or successful enough? It could be that you think that these thoughts about yourself will never change.

You may have become unemployed or perhaps your children have recently left home or your relationship has ended. It may be that you have suffered one or more bereavements, undergone significant life changes that have left you feeling lost and lacking in confidence and self-esteem.

Many of us feel unattractive and invisible as we become older or come to a crossroads not knowing which way to turn. Confidence can also be affected by simple and seemingly negative events during our day to day living. Through hypnotherapy you can learn how to switch off the destructive voices of low self-esteem and lack of confidence. You can start to live the life you want and connect with the confident and amazing you again.

Lack of confidence very often begins as a result of negative childhood or teenage experiences. It can also stem from significant or difficult events in our adult life. If these negative experiences are not confronted they can affect our mental and emotional wellbeing and prevent us from achieving our full potential.

Hypnotherapy can help to get to the root of the problem. It can then communicate with your unconscious mind to restore healthier and more positive and empowering thought processes. Hypnotherapy challenges negative thought processes and limiting beliefs and can eliminate self-doubt allowing you to renew your determination, generate a more positive future and create a more positive self-image.

Why not come along to a session and just relax and feel better.


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